\ Kill Yourself, Surprise Your Friends

Does anyone wanna talk? Im shaking and I dont really know… what I even want to talk about. I just hurt all over and I’m panicking and I’m having flashbacks and

Whatever maybe don’t talk to me I’m a fucking douche.

Tomorrow is Trents birthday. I might visit his grave before work or something. I dunno yet. The thought makes me sick and yet I feel like I have to.

Anonymous: nevah getting out


Anonymous: cuteness for days

sweet anons geet out of here


We can be best friends,
I will brush your hair and paint your nails,
Forever, forever,
We can swing late at night,
You can tell me about your life,
And I will hold you in my sweater,
Forever, forever.

In secret I can want too much.

The Kitty will put you under her spell,
Her eyes are love potions putting me under.
Inhale toxic fumes,
From paint we will spray to keep sane.
And I will kiss her scars,
She will find out my lips are like heroin,
You cannot have just one taste.
You are my surrender.

Under the sheets you can want too much.

I whisper promises, I intend to keep them.
I’m coming down from the buzz,
Her babydoll eyes, are like sugar,
Too sweet for this world and anyone but me.
If she is afraid so am I.
What do you think about true love?
What do you think about hatred?

From a distance I can want too much.

The taste is something no one can resist,
We all surrender in the end to the Kitty.
She’s the one I want, baby girl,
Forever, forever.
You are everything I need,
You are everything I cannot reach.

There’s a girl I want too much.